Top 5 Food Vloggers in Bangladesh

Food vlogging in Bangladesh can be considered as one of the most growing industries in the YouTube sector. In the last 5-6 years, the food industry of Bangladesh has grown the most, and thanks to all the food vloggers and reviewers on different social media.

Bengali people have always been considered food lovers since the Mughal and Nawab periods. In the 90s fast food started to get hyped in the youth but back then there were not many restaurants or shops to visit for a quick bite.

Back then they had only a few shops like a Swiss bakery, Hotel Purbani. But, things started to change after 2010 when international chains like KFC, Pizza hut, Nandos started to come to Bangladesh and there were also local brands that were started to gain popularity like BFC, Helvetia.

But still, the concept of going out for a fine dine or a hangout was only limited to Chinese restaurants.

In the span of the last 7-8 years the food restaurant industry in Bangladesh took a huge turn as a lot of youth entrepreneurs started to invest in this field.

People nowadays just don’t go after food. They want an experience; good food, good ambiance, and value for money.

This is where the food vloggers play the part by showcasing their videos to the audience and attracting them.

What a food vlogger does is that they go and explore new restaurants in the town and give a proper review of the place by uploading videos on different social media especially YouTube and by this they generate their money.

Sometimes the food vloggers get invited by the restaurant owners and also get paid to showcase their restaurants to the respective audience this is called a paid review.

In this article, you will get to know about the top 5 food vloggers of Bangladesh that must need to be followed if you are a food lover.


Fahrin Zannat Faiza
Fahrin Zannat Faiza


In no 5, we have Faiza from Khudalagse. Fahrin Zannat Faiza aka Khudalagse started her journey as a food blogger on Instagram. This blogger turned vlogger is one of the most renowned food critics we have.

Some of you might not agree with her being on 5 but the reason we have put her on 5 is that the others we have on the list are more experienced and have more subscribers.

Faiza started her food vlogging journey in 2019 with the constant help of Sadman Sadi, who handles her channel and does all the behind the camera work.

She gained a lot of subscribers within a very short period. What attracts most people to follow her, is her friendly nature and a girl next door kinda vibe and this helps people to relate with her easily.

Faiza mostly reviews restaurants and fine dines but she covers street food as well. Her reviews contain an honest opinion about the food, service, and if the price is worth it or not. With just 94 videos she gained 361000+ subscribers and that is great.

She soon can be the best food vlogger if she continues her journey like this. Recently she got married to Sadman Sadi and they have started to travel videos as well. Faiza and Sadi both have their individual channels as well.


Khaled Saifullah
Khaled Saifullah

On no 4, we have the first Bangladeshi food review channel. They started their journey in 2016.
The channel is lead by Khaled Saifullah, a former student of IER, Dhaka University.

In every episode, he does his research and tells about the food. Sometimes he brings up history as well as the origin of the food. showcases all sorts of food that is available around Bangladesh. Be it local street food, buffets, where to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The Khaidai team travels around Bangladesh and tries to show the special dishes of each district/area.

For me, this channel is the most underrated food channel of all. Still, they have managed to gain a lot of subscribers. With 222 videos the has 161000+ subscribers. So, Kudos to the khaidai team for being the pioneers of food vlogging in Bangladesh.


Adnan Faruque Hillol
Adnan Faruque Hillol

Adnan Faruque

Next, we have is Adnan Faruque. We all know him as Hillol; the popular tv host and actor.

This actor turned food vlogger has the second most popular if we consider subscriber numbers. Adnan started his journey as a model/actor.

His sense of timing is amazing and that’s what made him so popular. Adnan started food vlogging in 2017. And, as he was already a public figure; he got a quick response and got popularity within a very short period.

At first, the name of the channel was Dine out with Adnan. Later on, he changed it to Adnan Faruque and started to name the food show “Dine Out With Adnan”.

Adnan not only reviews food. He also travels around the world and tries to show the different food and travel experiences he had while traveling around the world.

One special thing about him is he is equally popular in Kolkata as well. Adnan Faruque travels all over Bangladesh in conquest to find new delicacies.

And abroad, he has food-related videos in Kolkata, Goa, Delhi, Bangkok, Phuket, New York, etc.

In this pandemic, he also shared some of his food recipes on his channel. Adnan has a smile on his face always and his comic timing is impressed all. That is the reason, he is loved by all.

With 314 videos in his channel, Adnan has 563000+ subscribers, and this the second-highest number of subscribers among the other food vlogger.


Mahathir Muhammad Fahim
Mahathir Muhammad Fahim

Bangladeshi Food Reviewer

Bangladeshi Food Reviewer is the most famous food reviewing channel in Bangladesh. This channel is run by Mahathir Muhammad Fahim. He is a foodie who likes to give his honest opinion about food.

Fahim started his journey in 2018 and within a short span, he got very popular. At first, he used to make videos with his phone, and his wife used to help him making videos.

Before coming into this line Fahim was a job holder. But for his passion for food, he left the job and started to make this passion into a profession.

Fahim’s first video was titled “Ek Takar Shingara” which grabbed eyeballs. Fahim’s videos are street food-based mostly but he also does reviews on well-known restaurants.

What makes him different than others is, he is a very tough critic and very straightforward. There are a lot of street food joints that he discovered first and bought that to the limelight. And later on, others followed him.

The Bangladeshi food review channel is the most active food review channel and drops at least two videos every week.

Fahim tries to travel all over Bangladesh to find new and good food.

We know Bangladesh is a very diverse country. Every district has its specialty and Fahim tries to bring out that.

Apart from having a food review channel, he has another channel named “ Mr. and Mrs. Fahim”. In this channel Fahim and his wife try to show products that we need in our day-to-day life and tries to get a good discount for his audience.

Undoubtedly he has the most popular food review channel in Bangladesh and the food reviewer plan to travel all the 64 districts in Bangladesh in search of all the local and traditional food.

The channel has 523 videos and 630000+ subscribers and that is the most for a food vlogger in Bangladesh.


Rasif Shafique and Ridima Khan Ipsha
Rasif Shafique and Ridima Khan Ipsha

Petuk Couple

This foodie couple is probably the most known vlogger of Bangladesh in terms of food and travel. And, Rasif Shafique and Ridima Khan Ipsha aka Petuk Couple started their journey with food reviewing later on they started their sharing their travel vlogs as well.

In no time, this couple became famous because of their friendly nature and the way they present their video. The video is mostly done by Rasif and he also handles the editing.

The couple mostly roams around all the new and hyped places of the town and gives us their detailed review if the food is worth it or not.

Their channel is not only limited to food reviewing they have their travel series as well.

The couple got a lot of hyped after they uploaded their Bali vlog because from here the audience could get all the details they need to travel and all the details about the activities they can do while traveling.

After seeing the success of this travel series the couple started to travel around Bangladesh and started to review resorts as well.

Petuk Couple has another channel where they give out their recipes. And the name of this channel is Petuk Couples Kitchen. It has more than 230000+ subscribers.

In this channel, the couple also endorses different unique products they have on their website. The couple plans to travel more internationally and share their travel experience with their audiences. With 136 videos on their channel, the couple has 477000+ subscribers.

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