Best Static Website Design Services in Bangladesh

A static website contains web pages with fixed content. Each page is coded in HTML and displays the same information to every visitor of a website.

Static sites are the most basic type of website and are the easiest to create.

Unlike dynamic websites, they do not require any web programming or database design.

A static site can be built by simply creating a few HTML pages and publishing them to a web server.

Advantage of static website design

Since static Web pages contain fixed HTML code, the content of each page does not change unless it is manually updated by the webmaster of a site.

This works well for small websites, but it can make large sites with hundreds or thousands of pages difficult to maintain.

Therefore, larger websites typically use dynamic pages, which can be updated by simply modifying a database record.

Static sites that contain a lot of pages are often designed using HTML coded template pages.

This makes it possible to update several pages at once, and also helps provide a consistent layout throughout the site.

Speed and Resources

One of the important things a web designer should usually consider when designing a web page is the speed at which it will load.

This is likely the biggest advantage to a static web page for numerous reasons.

To reach the widest audience, it is wise to design a page that will load relatively quickly on even a relatively slow Internet connection.

Static pages can load very quickly, as long as the photos and other content are also properly optimized for speed.

Dynamic pages can contain scripts that require a web server to perform special calculations when a computer user accesses the web page.

This slows down the viewing of a dynamic page.

Scripts running on a Web server also slow down the server.

Dynamic pages can also contain scripts that run on the computer of a person viewing the page.

This can slow down a viewer’s computer.

Static pages generally do not require any special calculations to be performed by a web server or the computer of a person viewing a static page.

While many computer users today have broadband connections at their home and/or place of work, even broadband users can benefit from a fast page when the Internet connection is shared by multiple computers.

A page that loads quickly is also more likely to be given a chance to be viewed when accessed, in comparison to a page that a computer user has to wait for.

Search Engine Optimization

Submitting an index of a websites pages and structure is a more straightforward process if the website is made of static pages.

A search engine may also send out a kind of software robot to look through a website and list the pages. It is considered to be easier for search engines software robots to index a website made of static pages in comparison to a website made of dynamic pages.


A static Web page is certainly easy to transport in comparison to a dynamic page with a linked database of information.

A static page can be moved from one directory to another directory, or one server to another server, just by moving the files in a folder.

A static Web page can also be moved to a new Web server platform relatively easily without needing to convert a dynamic database to another format.

Why do you select static website design service?

  • You want to create your personal website.
  • You want to choose cheap web design service.
  • You want to promote yourself online for professional, religious or political reason.
  • You want to share, publish your work, ideas, profile and collections with others.
  • You want to sell your limited products or promote your shop or small business.
  • You want to make a cost effective custom web design for your company, organization or charity foundation.

What Sayma IT offers?

Static Website Design And Development Packages

Basic Package – 1:

Website feature list:

  • Number of page: 03
  • Design concept sample: 01
  • Royalty-free images: 01
  • Max scanned image: 03
  • Page content size: 50 KB max
  • Content page body size: A4 size max
  • Banner picture: 03
  • Menu / pop up menu: 03
  • Contact / Feedback form page: 00
  • Affordable Search Engine Optimization Services on demand.

Price: $100 or 8,350/= Taka

Standard Package -2:

For Professional or Corporate Website Design

Static Package-2

Website feature list:

  • Number of page: 15
  • Design concept sample: 01
  • Royalty-free images: 03
  • Max scanned image: 08
  • Page content size: 100 KB maximum.
  • Content page body size: A4 size maximum.
  • Banner picture: 03
  • Menu / pop up menu: 03
  • Contact / Feedback form page: 01
  • Affordable SEO Services on demand.

Price: $200 or 16,500/= Taka

Domain and Hosting:

Your own domain gTLD .com .net .org .info registration.
250 MB (For Package-1) or 1 GB (For Package-2) hosting under Linux server for one year.
If you need more web space then additional cost will be $7 or 575/= Taka per 50 MB.
5 own matching email address.
5 GB (For Package-1) or 10 GB (For Package-2) monthly data transfer / traffic.
If you need more data transfer / traffic then additional cost will be $7 or 575/= Taka per 1 GB data transfer limit.
3 Sub Domain.
Apache 2.4.x web server with AwStats/Webalizer.
Linux based hosting server with FTP and cPanel.
All other standard hosting facilities with control panel.

Terms and condition:

Development timeliness’s (If content is available): 7 working days (For Package-1). or 21 working day (For Package-2).
If client failed to provide the content within 30 days after contract then the project will count as a complete project.
Post Sales Support: 1 month.
Charges per extra pages: $15 or 1250/= Taka.
If the page size is more the A4 size then additional cost will be $15 or 1250/= per A4 size content.
Domain and hosting must be renewing in every year before 1 month of expired date. Otherwise additional cost will be added according to the domain hosting renew rules.

Renew Price: Negotiable.

Custom Responsive Website Design Package:

I can provide you the best cost effective HTML5 site development or custom static website design, develop and publishing service at competitive price.

If you need a more customized quote or your project has many complex features, please request for a free quote.

If image need to customized like background change or color change or any kind of editing then additional cost will be $2 or 175/= Taka per picture.

How to pay:

Bank Draft / Cash Payment / bKash / DBBL Mobile Banking.

Bank information:

Bank Name: Bank Asia
Account Name: Md Sazu Ahammed
Account Number: 108 3459 004968.
bKash Account: 01726-860350 (Personal)

Get In Touch:

If you have any questions in mind related to web design or development, please feel free to contact with me.

If you have any suggestion, comment, you are always welcome.

My contact number is given below,

Sabber Ahmad Rahiq
Mobile: 01726-860350