Why Should You Create a Personal Website for Small Business

A well written personal web design for small business or portfolio website can be considered as your online identity.

Your personal website should tell people who you are and it should encourage people to engage with you.

I will explain it with my example.

Let’s see why do I prefer personal web design services for small business.

Before I explain that let’s see why I made my personal website?


This is Sabber Ahmad Rahiq

I am a web developer by profession and SEO service provider by passion.

I loved to stay updated with time and civilization.

Normally, I used to stay a large time in front of my working desktop computer.

But whenever I have some free time, I spent it with my notebook.

Write for a person who wants to fill his heart with moral virtues

I’m not a professional writer. Occasionally, if something vibrate my soul then I write.

Suppose, a song which have little bit touchy and emotional lyrics, a movie or a incident that make me cry, force me to think twice then I write.

Reason behind publishing Airy Passion .Com

Because, I want to talk with real people who is as like as me.

Who have feelings, emotions. Feel sad sawing something wrong.

And also feel joy to see smile on a angel’s pretty face.

So, I create this blog for this hope in mind that If I share something which I know, possibly it will give someone a little cause for smile or influenced to make something bigger.

Because, whatever happens around us, it’s not good for humanity.

Our young generation were interested and stepping in to a wrong direction.

They are wasting their time and creativity.

I want to give them an idea to live life properly and handsomely.

Do you join with my journey of blogging?

It’s up on to reader’s choice. Just one request, if you like any one of my blog article then please comment and share it whenever you want.

So, the main reason for making my personal website is to make new relationship with a person like you who read this post.

Why do you chose personal web design services for small business?

It can be a bond of a writer and a reader, a business personal with his customer or a public figure with his followers.

Anyone who want to promote himself or his small business or charity foundation can think about making a personal website.

Did you know that 85% of consumers use the internet to find a local business?

Just consider your personal search habits.

When you want to buy anything which you didn’t found in local market, what do you do?

Probably, you search it on Google at first.

If you can find it in a website which is designed as a e-commerce store for selling such kind of a product on internet with home delivery service then it will be easy for you to make a quick decision.

This scenario shows that having an online presence through a website is becoming more important for businesses of all sizes.

How much money you have to pay for publishing a personal website?

It’s mostly depends on you. If you want to make it for personal resume site or portfolio site then you have to pay only $60 or 5,000 Taka.

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If you want to make it for your small business, money making blog or NGO site then it will cost $120 or 10,000 Taka.

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Do you want to engage your reader’s with your site and give them privilege to contribute with writings or sharing ideas?

You have to pay $240 or 20,000 Taka for that.

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Whatever you want to express through your personal website, we can make it possible for you.

Get personal website for small business

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