Why should I Start A Blog in 2021?

Why Start A Blog? 12 Reasons to Start A Blog Today in 2020

There is everyone something of the creative instinct. It is natural for the child to play with the colored pencils and paint little pictures in watercolors, and then when it learns to read and write, to write little verses and little stories. Since at first sight, it seems easier to write than to paint, the child, as it grows older, is more apt to devote itself to writing. It is evidently more amusing to invent than to copy.

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How to Start Blogging in 2021? – A Beginners Guide

How to Start A Blog? - A Beginners Guide

You are here because you are interested in blogging, right? Lots of people these days are searching for a way to make some quick cash by starting a money-making blog. If you’re running behind the same goal then I have to say, you are in the right place. In this comprehensive beginner’s guide on how to start blogging in 2021; I will tell you a few harsh and the ugly truth about blogging that no one talks about and try to figure out the solution of them.

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