How to Earn Money from Bangladesh in Pandemic Condition?

2020 has been very hard on us. We had to sit at home and there was nothing to do as the world shut down for a moment. Was it really shut though? Online affairs took a toll and touched the sky. People had nothing to do except for hoping for the virus to go away. Many lost their jobs and many had their jobs paused for a while. Now it’s 2021. Still, the covid-19 affected condition is not improved much. That’s the main cause which irritates the younger generation so much. So, they were willingly want to know, “how to earn money from Bangladesh in this pandemic condition?”

In this article, we’ll be talking about some ways employing which you can earn money from Bangladesh and utilize your skills.

The youths of this country have a lot of potentials and they just need some ideas to flourish their skills and fruitfully implement them.

Let’s to see, what we can do online and offline to become self-employed.

Earn Money from Bangladesh during COVID-19 affected Pandemic Condition?

Online Tuition

Let’s start with a basic job you can do sitting at home online and earn a good amount of money. If you are a student and currently studying in university or graduated from university and looking for a job then tuition is a good start.

In Bangladesh almost, every house has children and they need assistance. During this pandemic, you can teach little to teen kids via an online class system.

During a pandemic, Zoom and Google Meet have gained a lot of popularity because classes, meetings, and every gathering is conducted on it. Also, now the situation is improving and it’s slightly better you can teach offline as well. In this case, you’ll have to go to the student’s house and teach them.

Now the question arises, how I’ll get this online tuition? Or, where can I find students in need of a tutor?

The answer is, it’s quite easy. You can find out these tuition job circulars on Facebook. Nowadays, everyone has a Facebook account and it has played an important role in being the communicating agent. There are a lot of groups on Facebook that act as a hub or source of tuition information.

You can get your desired tuition over there. The address, salary, class of the student and requirements are clearly mentioned in the posts. You just have to contact the place the applicant is supposed to apply. It’s easier to find and apply and a wonderful technique to earn money.


You might be thinking what does photography have to do with earning money? Or, it’s a job for professionals and not a general source of earning.

But, the photographers know what I am indicating. You can easily earn money during pandemics in Bangladesh through photography. There are a handful of websites which is an open market place to sell your clicked photos.

Some mentionable photography selling and buying websites are-

1. – This website is one of the leading photography websites for selling you photos online. It creates a great platform for your pictures to be auctioned and will pay you a good amount of money.

This website is often considered as a micro-stock site, where anyone can buy the photos you capture within competitive price, and by contributing a large number of photos you can increase the downloads.

2. – If you are thinking of selling photos then abode stock is a great platform. This site is one of the best places to trade your images online at no cost. When you list photos for sale these photos also become available on the stock site You’ll earn a 33% commission on the images you’ve sold.

3. – Alamy has over 215 million stock images, 360-degree panoramic photos, and videos. This site includes more than 110K buyers and 60K contributors worldwide. It also has an app named Stockimo where you can sell your selfies captured via iPhone. Images that are not exclusives with Alamy receive 40% of the direct sales. But, if you are exclusive with Alamy you’ll get 50% of direct sales. The payment system to the contributors is monthly and they offer a very straight-cut structure to it.

4. – On this site, you’ll be able to open your own blog or website for your photos. You’ll also have the facility to add a shopping cart to your website. You can easily make money just by uploading pictures on your website.

5. – The photos you’ve clicked on any tour or excursion can be auctioned on this site. You’ll have features and tools to edit your photos.

How you’ll make your photos sellable?

#1 Click nice pictures
#2 Enhance your editing skills
#3 Select desirable photo
#4 Edit your photos
#5 Upload on your desired website and make money

Online Business

Online business is a sustainable way to earn money in Bangladesh. You just have to be dedicated enough and stick to the business and money will make it’s the way. Online business is a nice way of reaching people and you can send PRs to influencers and they’ll promote your products.

What can you start a business with?

Anything is turned into business nowadays as people are leaned on online shopping than physically going to the mall due to pandemics. You can sell art and crafts, cakes, sweet items, jewelry, clothes, books, imported skincare products, makeup products, and many more options.


With or without pandemics; freelancing always provides you the scope to earn money. There is a couple of freelancing platform where you can create your profile and take projects.

When you complete the taken projects you’ll get paid. It also allows you to create gigs for your work and people will buy them. This will help you to earn money and flaunt your skills.

The sites that create an online marketplace for aspiring freelancers are- Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, Write Access, Skyword, Truelancer, Behance, and many more websites.

If you have any skill there is work for you here. The skill sets you can showcase and earn money and connections are:

1. Content Writing: Content writing is a classic way to express and earn. If you have accuracy and fluency in your writing then you can do content writing.

Every website needs a content writer so there is a lot of scopes.

Here is a short list of websites you can choose for content writing – Freelance Writing, Problogger, Remote Writing Jobs, Solidgigs, Academia-Research, etc.

2. Video Editing: In day-to-day life, we see many videos on youtube, Facebook, Instagram, or any photography website. These videos are edited by someone and if you are willing you can be one of those someone. Video editing needs a lot of skills and editing knowledge and if you have it you are good to go.

3. Web Design: There are a lot of companies in the world. As we are modernizing every company and small business needs a website. You can get a lot of web designing work on the freelancing marketplace. It also has a lot of demand.

So, as a freelancer, if you possess this skill; you should really use it for some extra money. Web design consists of doing works like appearance, layout, coding, and content of the website.

4. Writing Blog and Creating Own Website: If you are not willing to write content for others then you can create your own blog and write for yourself. You can easily earn a lot from writing on your own blog or website.

You can monetize your blog and earn money from it from Bangladesh. Affiliate marketing can be done through your website that you’ve created for yourself. You can promote products from different websites and earn money from the sponsorship. You can also show ads on your website and personal blog.

If you are skilled in video editing, SEO, and content writing then you can do affiliate marketing on your blog or website. As many readers visit your blog you’ll continue to earn money on that.

Let’s see –

How to earn money from Blogging?

#1 Do affiliate marketing on your blog
#2 Show ads
#3 Charge for promoting social media post
#4 Work with different agencies and build your blog
#5 Write sponsored contents and make quality contents

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an easy way to earn money. If you want to earn money sitting at home in a pandemic this is your chance. By this, you can earn while you scroll through your social media. You’ll have to promote any product through your social media profiles and spread it among your followers and connections.

Whenever anyone clicks on the link you shared and visits the content you’ll earn money for that. Some affiliate marketing sites are- DCM Network (Daraz),, Bohubrihi Online Courses,, Amazon Associates, Shareasale, and many more.

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Digital Content Creator

By being a blogger or an influencer you can endorse brands and small businesses and earn money from them. These days a blogger community is built centering on Instagram and you can use your platform to promote brands.

You can also make creative content on- lifestyle, fashion, healthcare, skincare, electronics, babies, and many more topics and earn from it.

In Bangladesh, you can easily earn money even during a pandemic. You have to dedicate and engage yourself in whatever you do online or offline. If you have read this article; you are all set and now prepare yourself to launch on my idea that suits your skillsets and insight.