How To Earn Money Online in Bangladesh Without Investment?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could make money online without investing anything? Yes, it would be great. And it actually possible too. Today, I’m going to write about how to earn money online in Bangladesh without investment.

First of all, I want to clarify one thing. And that is, there is nothing called NO INVESTMENT!!

There is something called a minimal amount of investment. These investments are always getting spent by you without even realizing it.

As example,

  • Your time.
  • Internet connection bill.
  • Computer and accessories cost.
  • Electricity bill.

You’re always using them. But what if these are the only investment you need to earn money online? Is it possible?

Yes, it’s damn true that it’s possible. You need a little bit of skill too. Especially, your writing skill. Because most of the things you’re doing online are by writing. So it is important to have good knowledge about writing and grammatical rules.

Let’s talk about the sectors where we can use these minimal investments to earn a lot.

These are,

The Best Ways To Earn Money Online in Bangladesh

1. Become a freelancer

Then, you’re working online for clients but not for any individual companies you can call this freelancing.

The MBO State of Independence study points out that US freelancers contributed $1.28 trillion to the American economy in 2018. There are approximately 77 million freelancers in this world. And the total addressable market for the Gig economy is $1.5 trillion.

The freelancing marketplace is way bigger than you think it is.

There are a thousand types of jobs you can do while freelancing. Freelancing has a lot of scopes while we are talking about earning without investment.

All you need for freelancing is your internet connection, your computer and a little bit of skill.

2. Start your own Blog

Opening up your own blog is a good investment-free business. And as I said earlier there is only a minimal amount of investment you need to spend online.

Although, earning money by blogs takes a lot of time. but it is worth the time. And it depends on you; how fast you can start earning from your blogs.

How to Earn Money from A Blog or Website?

  • By selling Products

There are a lot of online sellers who willing to pay you commissions if you can manage to sell their products. This is called ‘affiliate marketing’. Now these days, Amazon is the biggest e-commerce site in the world. And they are offering an affiliate program for us.

  • Advertising

You can go for AdSense monetization when you feel like you’re having enough traffic on your website. Always remember that your earnings from your blog depend on the traffic you’re having on your site.

You can start your free blog on or Publish information rich articles regularly on their.

After that, when your blog can attract lots of traffic then you can earn money using Google AdSense or other advertisers’ ads on your blog.

3. Content Writing

If you have good enough writing skills then you can start writing content for other websites too. Writing articles do need time and researches. But it does not need any extra investments. You can write content or article from your smartphone too.

Write for others to earn some cash!

You can write for websites where you will be paid for creating content or articles as a paid content writer. All you need to do is contact the webmaster or site owner of a website that offers payments for the article posting or content making.

4. Make money from YouTube Video

Making money from YouTube does not require any investments either. You don’t actually need a camera to publish videos on your site. You can make slideshows, screen recordings, gameplay; if you’re a good gamer, or can create a cover song if you have a good voice. You can also go for makeup tips and tutorials or probably for a cooking show. Make sure you’re using your skill to your fullest.

5. Become a Seller on Facebook (feels like underrated to me)

As we know, Amazon is not yet arrived in Bangladesh. Still, you can do e-commerce business using Facebook without investment. And, most of the peoples don’t yet know that you can be a seller on Facebook for free. All you need is a Facebook Id and a bank account.

You may ask, “how I can sell products if I don’t have any investment?”

Become a third-party seller

Publish the product-related information on your Facebook page or group at a reasonable price you think you can get profited by.

If any customer wants to buy, simply get it from a product manufacturer and deliver it to the customer.

The next step should be, collect the payment from the customer and pay the wholesale price to the manufacturer of the sold product.

If you have knowledge about wholesaling or dropshipping business but don’t have money to invest, then you can try this; as it is totally free.

What’s next?

Trying to earn money, becoming stable in life is a wish every person has in their life. So, try your best. You can try any of the methods given here. If you’re not sure about how to earn money online in Bangladesh without investment after reading all these stated above then you can try to do this as a part-time business. When you can see profit then you can do it as a full-time profession if you wish.

Stay tuned with us and have a nice day.

WriterRefat Ahmed

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