Best Niche for Amazon Affiliate Marketing in 2021

Do you know that it’s possible to make money even while sleeping? It surely sounds like spam or a hoax. But if you research a bit about Amazon affiliate marketing then you will see how it adds more and more money to your bank account even if you don’t do anything. If you are interested to know more about earning a generous amount without investing any money then this article is just for you.

Here you will get to know about Amazon affiliate marketing and how you can earn a lot of cash using this technique.

First, let’s dive into some basics.

What is Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

Simply put, Amazon affiliate marketing is promoting a product or a service of Amazon in exchange for commissions. The idea of affiliate marketing is to sell products for a company. Here in most cases, the seller doesn’t actually own the product, they are helping Amazon to sell them. And for this help, they are getting a percentage of the profit.

The process works in this way,

#1 First comes the merchant. Merchants are basically the owner of the products. In the case of Amazon Affiliate marketing, the merchant presents their product on the website with the purpose of reaching potential customers.

#2 Then comes to the Amazon affiliate marketers. They can be also referred to as advertisers or publishers because they are publishing the products and attracting customers. Affiliate marketers present the products in an attractive way so that the buyers are more inclined to buy the product. They add an affiliated link of the product in the advertisement and each product bought through this link adds money to the marketer’s bank balance.

#3 Lastly, there are the customers. Customers are the main part here as they keep the business going. An affiliate marketer gets his commission only because of the consumers and traffic. Customers look for the things they need on the internet and when they come across the product that satisfies them most they buy it. This purchase is basically the income source of both the merchant and the marketer.

So basically this is how Amazon affiliate marketing works. The process is fairly simple, right? However, presenting the proper product in the proper way may not be easy.

To earn through Amazon affiliate marketing, the first thing you have to do is target your product. You cannot just write about anything and hope for it to bring you money. You have to make sure you are advertising a product that will be profitable. Then you have the present the product in as attractive way as possible. Your target will be to convince potential customers to purchase the product.

However, the prominent difficulty here is not the presentation but rather choosing the right product. Choosing a profitable niche requires patience and adequate knowledge of the present condition of the market. There are many websites that will find a suitable niche for you to work on. But they charge an amount which you may not want to pay.

And you know what, you won’t have to invest anywhere! With a few easy steps, you can find out the perfect niche for you.

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How to research for a profitable niche?

Finding the perfect niche can be the most difficult thing to do. Your success prominently depends on the niche you choose. So do proper research before selecting the niche. You shouldn’t only focus on the most profitable one, rather you should consider a niche that interests you as well. This way you will have quality content. This will ensure more traffic and more sell.

Here’s a step-by-step process to research for the perfect niche.

#1 Before going into anything you have to understand what is niche. Simply put, a niche is basically the category of a product. For example, the product of Apple Company falls under the tech-gadget niche.

There are thousands of niches for you to work on. But not all will bring profit. Only the niches with high customer engagement can help you earn a commission. What you have to do is select a few niches that interest you and then proceed to the next step.

#2 After enlisting some niches you have to some research on Amazon. Search the niches you have chosen on Amazon and click on the first two or three products that come up. Note down the number of consumers who have rated the product. This is a great way to find out about the preference of the majority of the consumers. After noting down this information of all the niches you have enlisted analyze the number. The niche with the most customer reviews will be the perfect niche for you as more people engage with the product.

#3 To be sure of the popularity of the niche you are focusing on you can look up the niche on Google-trend to see just how many people engage with this type of product. If your niche seems to be a popular search then you can consider working on it without further hesitation.

This may not be the most effective method of searching for the most profitable niche but it works. And the best thing about this is it’s completely free and can be done within 4/5 hours. After this you will have a sector to work on that will boost your income by a lot.

However, if you are intending to work for a long time don’t focus on seasonal niches. Niches like Christmas or holiday products are not as profitable. These niches are great though if you just want to work temporarily and make quick bucks.

But no matter what there is always the risk of your niches failing. And it’s almost impossible to find the best niche out there among the thousands of options. That’s why to save you all this trouble we present to you the best niches for Amazon affiliate marketing in 2021.

The niches enlisted here are sure to bring you profit as thousands of people engage with these products every day. So without any further ado, let’s look at the niches.

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Best Amazon Affiliate Marketing Niches for 2021

#1 Hobby niches

What people invest in are the things that amuse them and keep them cheerful. This is why the film industry and other entertainment sectors earn millions of dollars every day. As people don’t hesitate to invest in these sectors, the products that fall under the hobby niche such as golf club, drone, and Archery equipment, always sell and bring a profit.

However, there are seasonal hobbies such as ski products and fishing equipment that you should avoid. Find the products that will sell throughout the year.

#2 Health and fitness niches

One way or another people are always concerned about their health. We are constantly trying to improve our fitness and develop health conditions. To live with a sound body people need the assistance of certain material. Even if you decide to take walking as an exercise you will need a pair of walking shoes.

In this similar way health-conscious people purchases products that help them to stay fit. Supplements, yoga mats, treadmills, and many more exercise equipment are some of the top sold products on Amazon. So if you consider working on this niche you can surely hope to earn a healthy commission.

#3 Tech niches

Technology is probably the only field that never gets old. Everyday new models and new types of tech-gadget appear on the market. And it never fails to amaze and attract people. From the latest phone to tiny sim-tray, Amazon sells a vast number of tech products.

As the latest inventions are always making their place in the market this niche has the least chance of failing. This is the main reason behind the success of this niche. There will always be providers and customers for tech products. But if you focus on this niche, you have to be aware of what you are working with.

The most sold device might not be the most profitable one for you. Most sold brands such as Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, and Xiaomi do their own advertising and people rarely buy products of such brands from affiliate marketers. What you have to focus on are the cool and underrated devices. A little research on the internet will get you ideas about such products.

#4 Gaming niches

In 2020 more than 110 million PS4 were sold worldwide. We are only talking about PlayStation 4. This should be enough to make it apparent that just how many people engage in the gaming sector. With the constant development of graphics cards, consoles, and the latest games the gamers cannot help but keep purchasing such gaming products.

And it goes without saying that the number of gamers is increasing day by day. So if you start working on this niche you are sure to have financial success. With millions of gaming products sold daily, this niche has little chance of failing

#5 Baby care niche

More than 10 thousand babies are born in a single day in the USA alone. And babies require utmost delicate care. And parents never hesitate to get the best for their child. This is why the baby care niche never fails.

Babies need a lot of care products such as diapers, baby wipes, and many more. Such things are widely sold on Amazon every day. So if you can be a successful Amazon affiliate marketer focused on baby products you are sure to earn a lot of bucks and it will keep coming throughout the year. Overall this niche has the potential of making thousands of dollars.

#6 Beauty niche

People don’t consider it twice before investing in beauty products. And there are thousands of products available on Amazon to make you look flawless. It’s a wise move because it’s comparatively easy to make beauty products seem attractive and grab people’s attention with alluring visuals and juicy writings.

People also tend to blindly use the products used by their favorite media celebrity. This is why this niche doesn’t require you to convince the consumers with much effort. But you have to careful while choosing the product. As people with different skin type uses different types of products, you have to make sure you are choosing the most profitable one.

#7 Pet niche

Surprisingly 67% of the USA household owns a pet. And most of these pets are a member of their family. Just like humans, pets need certain types of products for their own. May it be dogs, cats, or parrots all the pets need certain types of accessories.

People rely on Amazon to buy these products because what Amazon provides is authentic and satisfying. If you are planning to work on a pet niche that will certainly be a good decision. Pets need food, toys, and many other essential types of equipment. These products will always sell.

#8 Travel niche

Amazon operates in 13 different countries all around the world. And there is always a vacation going on somewhere. Though the travel niche is more or less a seasonal niche, it’s a profitable one.

Travel niches include products such as cameras, backpacks, tents, tracking shoes, etc. The commission on these products is huge and these are sold throughout the year. Though this niche suffered from a severe loss in the covid-19 situation, it is back on track now. Holidays and vacations will keep coming and people will keep planning tours and trips. And in their planning, the products of travel niche will always be an important part. This is why it’s a profitable niche with a great possibility of success.

With over 12 million products Amazon is the worlds’ largest marketplace. There are literally numerous Amazon niches you can work on. But as you already know not every niche is profitable, only a few can generate income for you. The niches enlisted here are the most profitable ones out there. Thousands of affiliate marketers are earning a lot from the products of these niches. You can too give it a try and earn from products you don’t even own!

Writer – Abdullah Rayhan

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