9 Best Online Courier And Delivery Services In Bangladesh

Are you looking for an online courier service in Bangladesh? We will help you find it. In this article, we have enlisted the 9 best online courier and delivery services in Bangladesh. Here you will get to know about such services that will surely meet your need.

So keep on reading till you find the perfect one out.

5 Reasons Why You Need Online Courier And Delivery Services In Bangladesh

Online courier services are becoming popular in Bangladesh day by day. And with the growth of e-commerce business in every part of the country, such services are flourishing.

But why do you need online courier and delivery services? Here are the 5 reasons,

1. Hassle-Free: Online delivery services save you the hassle of going to the courier office and filling out annoying forms. You just have to open an account using your contact information, and this will be all.

2. Real-Time Tracking: Thousands of parcels get lost every year. Such problems can be tackled with live tracking of products. Online courier services allow you to track your product whenever you want, ensuring that your parcel is right on track.

3. Simple and Convenient: The whole process of online courier is as simple as it gets. You just have to let them know where to pick up the product from and where to deliver it. If you add some extra conditions, they may do it as well.

4. Various Payment Options: Nowadays, many people prefer not to carry cash. The online delivery service companies understand that. And this is why they allow digital payment, along with cash payment.

5. Puts You First: Online delivery services prioritize your convenience over others. They will make sure to help you as much as possible. If you book their service for a specific day, they will remember to do it for you even if you forget about it.

With the best online courier and delivery services in Bangladesh, you will get the utmost advantage of all these benefits.

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9 Best Online Courier And Delivery Services In Bangladesh

Everybody wants to ensure secure and fast delivery service in Bangladesh at a cheap rate. Only the best delivery service can meet your every need. But finding the top courier companies in Bangladesh can be tough.

You already know why an online courier and delivery service is a better option. However, finding a trustworthy service can be an inconvenient task. This is why we have made a list of the 9 best online courier and delivery services in Bangladesh. Go through this list and discover the company that promises to fulfill your requirements.

1. Pathao Courier

Best For: Established businesses
Delivery Charge: 60 to 150 BDT (depending on the weight and distance)
Delivery Duration: 24 hours (in same city), 72 hours (intercity)
Delivery Area: Nation-wide
Payment Option: Bkash, bank, cash on delivery

Pathao is one of the best online courier services in Bangladesh. Though Pathao is not exclusively a courier service company, it certainly does this work efficiently. Its cheap delivery and fast delivery have made Pathao the first choice of many business owners and individuals.

To enjoy Pathao service, you have to register on their website first. After successful registration, Pathao will come to your location, pick up the parcel and send it to wherever you want. It is this simple.

At present, Pathao Courier has its branch in over 50 districts of Bangladesh. Their flexible payment option makes their service convenient for people in any corner of the country.

2. Redx Delivery

Best For: Business and individual delivery
Delivery Charge: 60 to 250 BDT (depending on the weight and distance)
Delivery Duration: 1 to 3 days
Delivery Area: Nation-wide
Payment Option: bKash, cash on delivery, and bank.

Redx will always be on top of any courier service list in Bangladesh. This company is vast, with its branches spread across 64 districts of Bangladesh. Their nationwide delivery takes up to 3 days only. In addition, they promise same-day delivery in the same city. Big e-commerce company such as Daraz trusts them because of their satisfying service.

The whole process of registering and using Redx is straightforward. Just enter your contact info and confirm the details. This is all you need to do to enjoy its super convenient service.

Redx has some amazing features. It allows you to track your product whenever you want. They will even notify you when they reach a station. In addition, they tell you how long it will take to reach you. These updates surely reduce the chance of your product getting lost. It can be said that this tracking feature alone makes Redex Delivery worth it.

3. DHL

Best For: International shipping
Delivery Charge: 1,100 tk per Kg
Delivery Duration: 4 to 6 days
Delivery Area: 220 countries
Payment Option: International banks

DHL is the best international courier service in Bangladesh. Unlike the previous two companies, DHL’s service is not confined to Bangladesh. In fact, they don’t even provide intra-country service. Their service promises to make parcel delivery word-wide, from one nation to another.

DHL is currently active in 220 counties. They have been providing service since 1969. So far, they have thousands of regular users. With over 1.5 billion parcels delivered every year, DHL is the biggest in its game.

It is only logical to have hesitation while parceling something precious thousands of miles away. But you don’t have to worry about that with DHL. And their online service makes the delivery process even simpler. No matter how big or small the item is, DHL will make sure it reaches the receiver in one piece.

4. Sheba Delivery

Best For: Small online businesses
Delivery Charge: 50 BDT to 150 BDT (depending on the weight and distance)
Delivery Duration: 24 hours
Delivery Area: Dhaka & Chittagong
Payment Option: bKash, cash on delivery, and card

You will find a lot of courier companies with both intra-city and inter-city services. But finding a corporation specializing in only the same city service can be a pickle. Though you can hire a random delivery man for this purpose, it is never trustworthy. On top of that, hiring someone like this can be quite expensive than a corporate service.

This is why Sheba is better. They offer the best local courier service in Bangladesh. The reason why Sheba is amazing is their fast and cheap delivery. Sheba literally demands the least possible price for their service. The area-wise delivery ensures the safety of your parcel as well.

Currently, they operate in only Dhaka and Chittagong. So, if you are from any of these areas and need to get your parcel delivered, go to Sheba Delivery. In addition to delivery, they have many more amazing services such as AC repairing, car repairing, and many more. You will find it all on their website.

5. eCourier

Best For: Quick intercity deliver
Delivery Charge: 100 BDT to 300 BDT (depending on the weight and distance)
Delivery Duration: 1 to 3 days
Delivery Area: Dhaka & Chittagong
Payment Option: bKash, cash on delivery, bank

eCourier focuses on reducing the difficulties of their customers as much as possible. Just like Sheba Delivery, eCourier’s service is confined within Dhaka and Chittagong. But, its service is impressive within the city.

eCourier basically does everything for you. Once you have placed your order, eCourier will come to your home and pick up the product. The interesting thing is they will only take the product from you. You won’t even have to do the packaging. eCourier will do it for you. eCourier even lets you track your order.

As they do the packaging along with the delivery, you may think that their service is expensive. Well, it isn’t. With only a bit more expenditure, you can get perfectly packed items safely delivered to the recipient’s doorstep. You will find such service only with eCourier.

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6. Global Mail Express

Best For: International shipping of documents
Delivery Charge: 5,000 BDT to 10,000 BDT (depending on the distance)
Delivery Duration: 3 to 4 business days
Delivery Area: 140 countries
Payment Option: Credit card, international bank

After DHL, Global Mail Express is the best international courier service in Bangladesh. Though it doesn’t cover all the country worldwide, it provides door-to-door delivery in major nations.

Yes, Global Mail Express literally offers door-to-door courier service. Once you place your order, they will come to you, take the parcel, and deliver it to the recipient’s doorstep.

Unlike another international delivery service, Global Mail Express ship their products within 72 hours globally. In addition, they provide live tracking of your parcel. This is quite impressive.

You may have to pay a bit extra, but you also have to admit that door-to-door delivery in an international courier is quite impressive. But it is recommended that you don’t use this company to shift huge or heavy items. That will cost you a lot.

So if you have any light item or any important document to ship to another country, go to Global Mail Express and book a quota.

7. Sonar Courier

Best For: Established e-commerce company
Delivery Charge: 100 BDT to 250 BDT (depending on the weight and distance)
Delivery Duration: 1 to 3 days
Delivery Area: Intranational (Dhaka, Barisal, Bogra, & Chittagong) and international (200+ countries)
Payment Option: bKash, cash on delivery (only for within the country), credit card, international bank

Sonar courier is a local Bangladeshi courier service company. But, surprisingly, they deliver parcels to overseas nations as well. Not only this, they are available to deliver to more than 200 countries worldwide. And they promise to complete the delivery within 3 working days.

However, they function within the country as well. But for now, their service is only active in Dhaka, Barishal, Bogra, and Chittagong. Just like their international delivery service, their intra-national delivery is satisfying as well. The only difference is it takes them 1 to 2 days to make delivery within the country.

Cheap, safe, and fast describe their service best. Their unique service feature makes Sonar Courier ideal for small e-commerce companies. A courier company that provides inter-city and international service is needed for such businesses, and Sonar Courier provides just that.

8. Steadfast

Best For: Emerging e-commerce company
Delivery Charge: 60 BDT to 250 BDT (depending on the weight and distance)
Delivery Duration: 1 to 3 days
Delivery Area: Nationwide
Payment Option: bKash, Rocket, cash on delivery

Steadfast is the simplest parcel delivery service. There is no hassle at all when it comes to sending parcels with Steadfast. They provide nationwide service at a reasonable price. They deliver pretty fast as well.

Real-time tracking, daily pick-up, cash on delivery service, 24/7 available helpline makes Steadfast the perfect courier service for emerging e-commerce companies.

However, they don’t provide service for individuals. But they allow users to manage everything online. For these reasons, Steadfast can be considered as the best online courier service in Bangladesh for rising e-commerce businesses.

9. Delivery Tiger

Best For: Huge and heavy items
Delivery Charge: 60 BDT to 150 BDT (depending on the weight and distance)
Delivery Duration: 1 to 3 days
Delivery Area: Nationwide
Payment Option: Instant cash payment, cash on delivery

Despite being a relatively new courier service company, Delivery Tiger is good at what they do. This company was established in 2019. But within these 2 years, they have established their station in 64 districts and around 500 sub-districts in Bangladesh.

Delivery Tiger is reliable for shipping heavy and large objects countrywide. Though they may charge a bit extra for hefty items, the price is reasonable because they will ensure your product remains intact.

Many popular merchants such as Gadget and Gears, Pickaboo, Rokomari, and AjkerDeal trust Delivery Tigers to ship bulky items. You can trust Delivery Tiger without any worry as well.

Final Verdict: These are all the best online courier and delivery services in Bangladesh. If you give any one of your picks a try, you are sure to get the best service. These 9 courier companies will never fail to satisfy you. However, if you need any clarification or any questions in general, leave a comment below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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