7 Websites to Learn Coding for Free in 2021

Coding is the language of programming. By coding, you can make your computer work as per your command. Every line of coding that you do is a set of instructions for the computer. You have to code step by step very carefully to get your computers to work as per your wish.

Why do we need Coding? This question might be hovering around our minds. Things you could do if you learn coding are- computer games, software, websites, and apps. If you learn coding and start doing it you’ll be called a programmer or a coder. And it’s everything that is the core of the computer.

Learning coding will help you in multiple ways. You can do freelancing after you learn coding. Many business organizations and small businesses to large ones need their online profile to be as flowy as the physical ones. Hence, coding will help you to do freelancing after you learn.

There are many paid websites from which you can learn coding but there are some websites from where you can learn to code for free. In this article, you’ll find out how without majoring in CSE you can still learn coding and earn from it.

Skills You Need To Learn Coding

  1. Patience. A lot of it. Or else it’ll be tough for you.
  2. Self-Reliance.
  3. Attention to minute details. This is necessary because coding is really precise and minute mistakes can ruin the code and you’ll have to redo it if you are not attentive.
  4. Recognition of mistakes. People learn from mistakes and you as a determined programmer need to recognize your mistakes and actively fix them.
  5. Abstract thinking. Every program is different from the other so you have to creative regarding your codes.
  6. A strong memory of the codes. Innovation comes from strong memory and improvising any code also needs a sharp memory of previous mistakes.
  7. The scientific method of coding which we learn in our college. For a quick review, Hypothesis>Analysis>Program Design>Coding>Testing>Operation.
  8. Empathy.
  9. Communication.
  10. Lastly, language. You have to learn at least one coding language. And one is the least amount the more language you learn, the better.

Which Coding Language is Suitable for Beginners?

There is about 700 programming language. And there are four types of programming languages in the present world. Among so many programming languages, some notable languages are –

• Java Script
• C
• C++
• R
• Python
• Java

Let’s discuss,

The best coding language, which is suitable for beginner-level students who want to learn to code.

#1 HTML – Html is a programming language that stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It comprises essentially of coordinating with sets of point organized labels, encasing segments of human-significant content. HTML is beginner-friendly since you don’t have to go to college or any kind of camp, you can easily learn HTML coding staying at home.

You can learn HTML on the websites we are going to mention late in the article. You have to start your HTML coding in Notepad and then follow the procedure. In a week or two, you’ll learn HTML coding language if you stick to it and dedicate yourself. You have to practice using the tags on a daily basis to have a good on those tags.

HTML is mainly used in formation of web pages and their contents. HTML 5 is the most enjoyable programming language that you can learn. As a beginner HTML is the easiest that you can learn.

#2 JavaScript – JavaScript is also one of the easiest programming languages that you can learn as a beginner. JavaScript is a high-grade, deciphered language that can undoubtedly be submerged with dialects like HTML. JavaScript is undeniably the best coding language that you can learn as a beginner in coding and programming.

So, for learning JavaScript you have to have prior knowledge of HTML or CSS. It’s a secondary kind of language and you will learn it in the span of 6months up to 9 months. After you get a hold on your JavaScript learnings you should definitely practice regularly.

#3 C Language – C language is an exceptional choice for beginners. C has the basics of Java and C#, so C is quite the fundamental. You can learn the basics of C within a week but you’ll have to be attentive. You’ll have to learn C language first then you can proceed to C++. C++ is not dependent on the C language but the syntax and semantics are quite similar so it’s better as a beginner to start with C language.

#4 Java – Java is a bit tricky programming language in comparison to other languages mentioned. Java is good for beginners because its syntax is similar to many other programming/coding languages. Java is a comparatively faster programming language and used for web development. In the job market, Java gets priority over Python as it pays more.

Java uses objects as a coding language and it’s a top-tier programming language. However, Java is more complex than JavaScript as a programming language and JavaScript is a scripting language. There are more than 3 billion devices that run on Java at present time.

#5 Python – Python is for beginner coders who are inclined to science and statistics. Python is somewhat a quick language for all those beginners out there. There are many versions of Python but Python 3 is the better pick for the newbies and for those who want to update their professional skills.

Newbies without any prior knowledge about programming can easily start with Python. It’s the right suit for those who don’t know anything about coding but want to start. It’s a free and open-source coding language that gives everyone the liberty to use.

This language is quick for the beginners as said before but it’s also approachable and less with the wordplay. The main works of python are developing 2D imaging & 3D animation packages namely, Inkscape, Autodesk, and Blender.

Except for coding languages, there are some more programming languages that you can consider as a beginner in 2021,

#6 R – Different versions of S language and an open-source language. It is an undeniable level, deciphered language that can undoubtedly be installed with dialects like HTML. Applications worked in R are utilized for handling statistics, including straight and nonlinear demonstrating, computation, testing, perception, and investigation. Applications coded utilizing R can interface with various data sets and interact with both organized and unstructured information.

Benefits of R Language Learning

I. Easier for those who have already learned Python or JavaScript, people who are proficient in math have a plus point.
II. It’s an open-source language.
III. It’ll be an extraordinary help for managing data.
IV. Cross-utilitarian with Linux, Windows, and Mac OS and available in an extensive variation.

#7 Ruby – Ruby is comparatively simple to grasp if you are a beginner. Ruby was intended to have a more human-accommodating syntax and symmetric structure while as yet being adaptable from the point of view of its object situated web design that upholds procedural and functional programming documentation.

A web application system that is executed in Ruby will be Ruby on Rails (“RoR”). It is also very easy and less time-consuming in accordance with the time needed to learn it.

Benefits of Ruby Language Learning

I. Ruby and RoR is an extremely popular web developing language.
II. Workable.
III. It’s easy to learn and write within a short period of time.
IV. It has a lot of work potential.

#8 PHP – PHP is also open-source which was created in 1990. Almost 80% of the internet is built using PHP and for this reason, many aspiring programmers are leaned towards it. Programmers usually write server-side scripts using PHP besides writing command-line scripts as well. Those who are proficient in PHP can develop desktop-compatible apps as well.

Benefits of PHP Language Learning

I. Open-source programming language.
II. It’s a modest language and beginner-friendly.
III. Database connectivity is flexible.
IV. Pay high if you become professional.

#8 Go – Go is a comparatively new language that was developed by Google in 2007 for web applications and APIs. Being a simple language, it has become popular as a fast-growing programming language and it has the unique capability to handle multicore and networked systems with massive code bases.

It’s also known as Golang is for the programmers who are opting to work on large projects. Google, Uber, Twitch, Dropbox, and many others use Go as their programming language.

Benefits of Go Language Learning

I. It’s renowned as a minimalist language.
II. Fast.
III. Transparent code base.
IV. You can learn them in a few minutes, but they lead to countless complex patterns.

There are a lot of languages for the programmers out there. For the aspiring programmers, these mentioned languages are pretty much all the languages that you guys will need. Once you learn any of these languages you are compatible to work and earn from it.

Let’s now jump to the main interest of this article, the websites that are free and will help you to learn coding. So, here goes the websites,

Udemy : To use Udemy you don’t have to be professional. So, it’s a beginner-friendly website which is absolutely free of cost. It’s an online portal with thousands of courses in it for the developers to learn. There are also some paid courses on the platform but there are plenty of free courses as well. You’ll also get coupons and offers sometimes; you’ll get discounts and get a free version of paid courses sometimes.

Udemy is a source of all programming tutorials like YouTube but much better than YouTube. You can learn programming languages like Python for web development. There are around 250,00 courses available at Udemy. If you are just starting as a coder then there are plenty of beginner-friendly courses. Udemy was founded in 2010 and it’s used to enhance job skills. You can learn Python, APIs, HTML, CSS, + Payments.

• Game Development
• Web Development
• Mobile App Development
• E-commerce site design
• Variety of Programming Languages

Coursera : Coursera has many well-structured courses that are beginner-friendly. It’s a great place to learn code. Coursera is partners with top universities and industry leaders that offer high-end courses that have flexible schedules. It was founded in 2012 and has transformed into a fast-growing educational technology company with time.

Coursera offers more than 1000 courses from about 119 institutions among which there are many free courses for beginners. After finishing the courses you’ll get a certificate for that as well. Coursera gives coding-based courses, instructional exercises, and assets educated by teachers at leading colleges. You’ll discover many diverse coding-related courses to choose from. You can learn for free but for the certificate, you might have to pay in some cases.

Coding languages you can learn from,

• Java
• Java
• C language
• Introduction to programming
• IoT Programming

Khan Academy : Who doesn’t know about Khan Academy? It’s a very popular online learning platform. Khan academy is one of the greatest platforms that offer coding-related knowledge and skillsets that are of great help for beginners who have just started. All the courses are taught by professional trainers. It is an interactive learning platform where learners are encouraged to share what they have learned throughout the process.

You’ll be able to learn several programming languages, the languages that we mentioned above in the article are also taught.

Languages like –

• JavaScript
• Database

EdX : EdX is another driving internet learning stage that is open source rather than for-benefit. It’s a higher education learning stage that currently has a network of over 5 million students and 53 schools under it. This is a free learning platform and they are broken down into several categories that go beyond programming.

The certificates given by edX have their own value. But while the learning is free but there are some organizations that might offer credit-based in their verified certificate. The certificates can be added to your CV as well. EdX is a non-profit organization that was founded by partners of HIV and MIT University in 2012.

The tutorials of programming languages that you’ll find –

• C++
• Java
• jQuery
• C#
• Python
• SQL and Database
• Mobile App Development

You’ll easily find enough free materials to have an idea of basic programming.

Code wars : Code wars are a very suitable free learning platform that has all the valuable resources that a newbie coder needs. It is a very unique and fun platform, to be honest with you all. Instead of tutorial Code wars offer a series of challenges. These challenges are inspired by martial art and each challenge is named kata.

These challenges will engage the young programmers’ attention and as your progress through each kata, it will keep getting harder and harder.

Languages that Code wars include

• Java
• JavaScript
• C#
• Python
• Ruby

Bit Degree : Bit degree is also a free open-source website for beginners to learn. Bit Degree has a number of free courses that go from programming to game development. They offer standard online courses and typical game-played courses. Game-centered courses help to bring accomplishments and cooperation into the learning cycle. You should simply pick your language and start your learning process. After completing the course you’ll also get a free certificate.

Languages it offers

• jQuery
• JavaScript

Bit Degree additionally accomplishes distinctly by fusing blockchain into the schooling interaction. There are straightforward prizes and an accomplishment framework that assists organizations with enrolling tech ability and measure course achievement.

Solo Learn : Solo Learn is a very good platform for aspiring programmers and free of cost. Solo learn is available on iOS, Android, and Web. Solo learn also has an app that is mobile-friendly. In the Solo Learn Playground, there is a territory to share the code you are dealing with and have others work together. They can submit thoughts or get motivation from your code or thought.

Programming languages it features are –

• Ruby
• jQuery
• C
• C++
• C#
• JavaScript
• Python

Some more free learning websites that beginners can look into –

• Upskill
• Codeasy.net
• Hack. Pledge ()
• aGupie Ware
• Edabit
• Web Fundamentals
• Code Avengers
• MIT Open Courseware
• Codeacademy
• Free Code Camp
• The Odin Project
• Code.org

These are some more free websites that offer free websites that are perfect for newbie programmers.

How to start Coding / From where to Start Coding

After learning coding, you need to apply it in a productive sector. Programming is all about solving problems and breaking things down into simpler functions. We’ll direct you to a simple path through which you can start off after you have successfully completed your course on one of the mentioned websites,

  1. Take a simple project in hand.
  2. Install or log into any software that’s relevant.
  3. Download a Code Editor for assistance.
  4. Join different communities that will instruct you on how to start coding.
  5. Read a few books about coding.
  6. Listen to the podcast whenever there’s free time.
  7. Find a problem and define it.
  8. Plan the solution according to your understanding.
  9. Code the program with attention to detail.
  10. Test the program after coding it.
  11. Documenting the program in front of small audiences.

This is how you can start coding. Coding is a potential arena where young programmers can also pay a heavy amount of money if they are dedicated enough. You’ll also get plenty of freelancing jobs which you can pursue as well.

So, here is any information that you’ll ever need to start your coding career. This article will surely guide you to your desired programming course. But you must choose the course that seems most exciting and easy and start right away.

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